Welcome to the sore-eyed readers page. I chose books i have read and hope to interest you to look around and invest in some learning about Inner Healing and Deliverance.

Many Christians believe that once we are saved, past wounds, hurts and even consequences from mistakes get swept away. i have actually heard a preacher say, “When i got saved, everything fell off.” Think about this for a minute. His statement says, he is perfected. We all know we are complete in Jesus Christ in our sanctification, being in Christ.

This is what is called positional sanctification. This means in heaven but we are still on earth in our experience. We are not absolutely sanctified yet, it is a process led by the Holy Spirit of God.

What happens if we continue to be plagued with spiritual and emotional problems, and intimacy we long for with Christ seems elusive? So many have never heard these concepts and it is a shame. This book is an aid in maturating as a disciple of Christ. We are not visiting our sins they are gone, we can still suffer from consequences of our sins.

This is a great read from a Christian who has been there and done that. He describes a practical, effective and balanced process. 

The Salvation of the soul

Salvation of the Soul. Saving of the Life. By Arlen L. Chitwood.

(picture is not the cover) The expression, “salvation of the soul,” has been misused in Christian circles over the years to the extent that correct Scriptural teaching on the subject has become almost nonexistent.When it comes to the saving or the losing of the soul/life in this respect.

Solely from a Scriptural standpoint, the unsaved are not in view. Why is there so much confusion on this subject today? The questions are interrelated, and Scripture is quite clear concerning the answers to both.

This book is an overdue wake-up call to the Body of Christ.

The Thrones of our Souls. Prophetic mandates for the End-Time Generation.By Paul Keith Davis.

The subject of the Tripartite divine nature of man has not been understood by very many. Yet, I am convinced that it is one of the essential keys to full maturation in the Christian faith.

I believe “The Thrones Of Our Souls” will help us better understand what the apostle Peter meant when he wrote that we are “partakers of the Divine Nature.” To those who desire to know about and one day realize “the end [goal] of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:9).